In がばいばあちゃん, I came across the phrase 冒頭のような, which I had a little trouble translating, as I couldn't quite make out its exact meaning and function. It comes from the following extract.


I had a crack at translating this with the following result.

As for me, living alongside her and seeing things from there, as if I were right up close, I got to learn about true human happiness, I think.


冒頭 always refers to the first part/chapter of a story/article. So 冒頭のような暮らし means something like "my life as described in the first part (of this story)."



the meaning of the phrase is what is written in naruto's answer, and it fully make sense, but we usually use it more precisely like:

  • 冒頭にあったような
  • 冒頭に記{しる}したような
  • 冒頭に述{の}べたような

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