Can もすこし遠かったら be used in the following sentence to mean if it is too far I will not go.


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もう少し means 'a little more', similar to もう一つ and the like meaning 'one more'. 「もう少し遠かったら行かないんですが」 means 'If it were a little farther I wouldn't go, though.'



もすこし means もう少{すこ}し, and the interpretation of もう少し is perfectly written in Nothing at all's answer.

も すこし is a dialect for もう 少{すこ}し, and it may be commonly used in western Japan and at least in the Kyushu district.


To say "if it is too far I will not go", you would say:


or you could probably just say it without the 過ぎる and the implication would still be that it's too far for you to go.


The も少し modifies 遠い, and indicates that the speaker is specifically stating that it would only take a little bit more distance for him/her to be unwilling/unable to go.

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