I want to say that I have a philosophy test today: きょうは哲学のテストにする is that OK?

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    Are you a teacher or a student? – broken laptop May 25 '17 at 4:01
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    The most common forms I can see in Japanese-English examples sentences for 'have a test' is 試験があります, though 試験 and テスト are acceptable variations. Another possibility is: テストを受ける. にする doesn't have quite the meaning your looking for. The dictionary says にする can be used to create a condition or assign a role; consider, feel, sense; set something in place; choose; and start or carry out. (Rough translation of Japanese dictionary). Dictionary is here google.com.au/… – Robert May 25 '17 at 4:38

You can write:



Assuming you are a student, I would use the very 受{う}ける or if it is formal 受験{じゅけん}



If you are a student of a school, 哲学の「テスト」が「ある」 is used commonly when the test will be done there, but 哲学の「試験」を「受ける」 is used to get something like a certification or an entrance permit.

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