As the title says!

How would a grammatically correct sentence sound if you would want to say something like this?

"Did A tell you to do/say X?"

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Thanks in advance!

  • I am afraid questions asking for translations are off-topic here unless prior research effort is clearly indicated. – Chocolate May 22 '17 at 6:33
  • Thank you for that, Chocolate! Since I am a new user I will keep that in mind for future posts. – Daniel May 22 '17 at 7:07
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    Your translations sound so good and natural to me... (You'd say AさんはXって言ってって言ったの? instead of X but this would depend on what the X is. You'd use を if X was a noun/pronoun, eg それを, その話を, そのことを etc., and って if X was a quoted statement... but you may already be aware of this!) – Chocolate May 22 '17 at 7:38

"Did A tell you to do/say X?"


Your answers:

  1. "AさんはXを言ってって言ったの?"
  2. "AさんはXをしてって言ったの?"
  • Almost perfect!
  • Usually we omit you, but in this case, A told not me but you, so you are better not to omit you to avoid ambiguity in the translation like:
    「AさんはXをしてって あなたに/あんたに/お前に 言ったの?」
  • Double quotation marks which mark uttered phrases should be translated into 「」(鉤{かぎ}括弧{かっこ}). As for かぎかっこ, here is the way how to use it.

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