Sign at a stairway in Japan

tl;dr: What is the kanji after [管理人]{かんりにん}?

I did not have any problem finding all the other kanji I didn't know, but the very last one after [管理人]{かんりにん} still puzzles me. I tried googling [管理人]{かんりにん} hoping to find the same kanji after it. I tried finding it via radicals on Jisho.org to no avail. It looks a lot like 宀 + 王, 宀 + 主, or 宀 + 里 (esp. given the way 理 is written). The only similar kanji I found would be [宝]{たから}, which does not make sense to me (or Google Translate: [管理人]{かんりにん}[宝]{たから} = treasure trove).

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    「静かに」の「静」って漢字がちょっと違いますよね・・旧字体とかですかね? – Chocolate May 18 '17 at 13:28

It is 室{しつ}, usually "room", but also sometimes used in the meaning "office".

  • Wow, [室]{しつ} popped up as well, but it did not make much sense to me and looked too different from what's on the sign to consider it. Thanks a lot. – Kreuvf May 18 '17 at 11:54

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