Saying that A leads to B leads to C in one single sentence.

I want to say フィードバックを回収することにより、消費者の気持ちを理解することで、企業はもっといい商品を出すようになる, but i dont know if this is grammatically correct?

Please also do share if you have any better alternatives, Thanks!

  • Take this into the account too: …回収して…理解することで. – user4092 May 18 '17 at 22:04

Yes, your sentence looks perfect to me. Using ~により or ~ことで twice in a single sentence would have made your sentence look clumsy. You did a good job by choosing a different expression.

Note that 回収 usually means collecting something physical. If this sentence also covers online surveys, フィードバックを取得する might be better.

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