If I wanted to say that I've been working out as of late, I'd probably write something like (feel free to correct or suggest):


Would it be any different if I wrote


I've been told the former sort of translates to 'practice/training' as opposed to 'exercise' though I'm not sure if it matters...?

Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated!

  • Do you mean recently by "as of late" (that's not very common as a phrase in contemporary English)?
    – virmaior
    Commented May 12, 2017 at 3:51

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You have to use 運動 for this purpose. 手慣らし is incorrect in this context.

手慣らし is made of 手 ("hand") and 慣らし ("accustomization; familiarization"). For example, 手慣らし is what a professional guitarist who has just bought a new guitar will do until he gets comfortable with the new guitar. It's a kind of "training", but it does not refer to acquiring a totally new skill.



If you want to say like I've been working out as of late it does not make sense at all. It sounds like doing the calisthenics of the fingers or learning handicrafts.


手慣らし is usually used in the sense of "to get used to something."
e.g. (買ったばかりの新車を)手慣らしに運転してみる
Translating the word as "to practice or training" is a bit off.

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