This is a line of dialogue Shingeki no kyojin S2 05:

自分の体調も把握できねぇやつが、 評価欲しさに来ちゃいけねぇ訓練を受けちまった。

what means "評価欲しさに来る? In general, when 評価欲しさ is used?

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what means "評価欲しさに来る?

You're not parsing it correctly, I'm afraid. 評価欲しさに modifies 受けちまった, not 来ちゃいけねぇ. So the phrase you should be looking at is 評価欲しさに訓練を受けた, "received a training only for evaluation".

評価欲しさに(≂ 評価が欲しくて/評価されたくて)、{(来ちゃいけねぇ)訓練を}受けちまった。

So the whole sentence means "Someone who can't even assess/control his own physical condition ended up receiving a training {which he shouldn't have participated in}, only from a desire to get (favorably) evaluated / just for evaluation (or a grade/approval/admiration)." As you can see, the reason for 来ちゃいけねぇ (he shouldn't have come) is 自分の体調も把握できねぇ (he is incapable of assessing/controlling his own physical condition). 

「XX + 欲しさに」 means "(only) for XX", "(only) from a desire to get/obtain XX." Examples:

  • 名声欲しさにしてはいけないことをしてしまった。 I did something I shouldn't have done, (only) from a desire to gain fame / a reputation.
  • [金]{かね}欲しさに好きでもない男と結婚する marry a man I don't like just for money
  • 主役の座欲しさに監督に[媚]{こ}びを売る butter up the director to get the major role (in a drama or movie)


In other Japanese it could roughly be said like:

  • 評価{ひょうか}が欲{ほ}しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be evaluated.
  • 認めて欲しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be recognized.
  • ほめて欲しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be praised.

評価 means evaluation. For the person speaking this phrase might think that evaluation should be done only by a certain third party, not by the proposal of himself/herself for the evaluation. So, the speaker makes fun of him/her or makes a fool of him/her, because of his/her ignorance or rudeness by this phrase.


Without the context I'm not sure but it sounds like the speaker is speaking of someone who came to the training because "s/he wants a formal record that s/he completed the training."

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