This is a line of dialogue Shingeki no kyojin S2 05:

自分の体調も把握できねぇやつが、 評価欲しさに来ちゃいけねぇ訓練を受けちまった。

what means "評価欲しさに来る? In general, when 評価欲しさ is used?


what means "評価欲しさに来る?

You're not parsing it correctly, I'm afraid. 評価欲しさに modifies 受けちまった, not 来ちゃいけねぇ. So the phrase you should be looking at is 評価欲しさに訓練を受けた, "received a training only for evaluation".

評価欲しさに(≂ 評価が欲しくて/評価されたくて)、{(来ちゃいけねぇ)訓練を}受けちまった。

So the whole sentence means "Someone who can't even assess/control his own physical condition ended up receiving a training {which he shouldn't have participated in}, only from a desire to get (favorably) evaluated / just for evaluation (or a grade/approval/admiration)." As you can see, the reason for 来ちゃいけねぇ (he shouldn't have come) is 自分の体調も把握できねぇ (he is incapable of assessing/controlling his own physical condition). 

「XX + 欲しさに」 means "(only) for XX", "(only) from a desire to get/obtain XX." Examples:

  • 名声欲しさにしてはいけないことをしてしまった。 I did something I shouldn't have done, (only) from a desire to gain fame / a reputation.
  • [金]{かね}欲しさに好きでもない男と結婚する marry a man I don't like just for money
  • 主役の座欲しさに監督に[媚]{こ}びを売る butter up the director to get the major role (in a drama or movie)


In other Japanese it could roughly be said like:

  • 評価{ひょうか}が欲{ほ}しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be evaluated.
  • 認めて欲しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be recognized.
  • ほめて欲しいので来{く}る He has come here because he wants to be praised.

評価 means evaluation. For the person speaking this phrase might think that evaluation should be done only by a certain third party, not by the proposal of himself/herself for the evaluation. So, the speaker makes fun of him/her or makes a fool of him/her, because of his/her ignorance or rudeness by this phrase.


Without the context I'm not sure but it sounds like the speaker is speaking of someone who came to the training because "s/he wants a formal record that s/he completed the training."

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