I came across this sentence when reading an essay:


I'm not sure what the significance of the んじゃ is where it is in the sentence. My grasp of the sentence overall is something like:

'If which wherever you go, you get called out to by such a voice, isn't it impossible not to get uncomfortable?'

Is this along the right lines?

Source: そして生活が続く - 星野源 P22

  • ぢちらしろ??? 静{しず}かにしろ Be quiet! ??? – mackygoo May 10 '17 at 14:13

if I was called out to

声をかけられた では ー> 声をかけられた では -> 声をかけられたん じゃ

声をかけられたんじゃ is transformed from 声をかけられたのでは through 声かけられたんでは for convenience of the pronunciation.

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