I am reading a little text, and I have some difficulties to understand. My Japanese level is far from JPLT5 to give you an idea.

This is the beginning of the text : (I used google to write so I hope there is no mistakes)



長野です。長野で日本の古いうちを買いました。畳の部屋はとても便利ですから、好きです。 同じ部屋で仕事をします。食事もします。そして寝ます。ムスヤさんのお国はタンザニアですね。

This is what I tried to translate from the beginning:

Musuya is a photographer. He took pictures of mountains from Japan.

Where are you from?

I'm from Nagano. At Negano I bought an old Japan..

Well obviously something looks to be wrong, I hope he didn't buy a Japanese.. well so I suspect うちはどちらですか。 may means "where did you buy your camera" but there is not in the question so I'm absolutely lost.

Can someone help me please. I would be glad.

  • Where did you get that text? Is it this one? koryu.or.jp/taipei/ez3_contents.nsf/… – siikamiika May 8 '17 at 20:13
  • @siikamiika I don't know. I'm learning Japanese at School and the teacher gives us sheets with text or lessons but they come from many support so I can't tell you. – ParaH2 May 8 '17 at 20:14
  • @siikamiika I looked at your link, I have the half of that text with me. two first questions and answers) – ParaH2 May 8 '17 at 20:29

I'm assuming your text is the same as behind this link. It's titled 「日本が好きです」 "I like Japan". It is an interview where everything after 「―」 is probably what Musuya says.

The beginning of your translation was about correct.

Musuya is a photographer. He took a lot of pictures of Japanese mountains.

However, 「家{うち}」 can mean a home like here or just a house.

Where are you from? (Where is your home?)

...I bought an old Japanese house in Nagano.

As you can see, 「日本{にほん}」 means "Japanese" and 「うち」 means "house" here.

The text after 「ムスヤさんのお国はタンザニアですね。」 is probably part of the next question to Musuya, and not related to the text before it.


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