I want to translate : I can't wait to go to Japan / I can't wait to be in Japan. I mean I already planed to go and I'm going there in two weeks. I'm wondering how to express this in Japanese.

Is " 日本に行くのが待ち遠しい " correct ? Is " 日本に行くのを楽しみにしています" better ?

Also, does it sound friendly and excited ?

Would it be correct to say : 日本に行くのが待てなーい?

Thanks for reading my post. :)

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There is an exact set phrase to translate "cannot wait to/for": 待ちきれない. 待ち遠しい is as much good but its grammatical equivalent is "be a long time coming".


would sound friendly as well as excited.


is... um... yes, perfectly natural, providing you're a teenage girl.

For the meaning of -きれる, please see: Compound verb with きれる

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