As I know, Both words mean Dangerous. Japanese people use sometimes やばい, other times 危ない. When should I use one over other?


While both,「危ない」and「やばい」mean dangerous, 「危ない」is more used in physical situation (It's 危ない to go on the street at red light) and「やばい」is more like "Because I didn't learn for the test it's really やばい". Also やばい is a really common slang word for amazing, cool or awesome situations.

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Generally,「危ない」is physically dangerous, while 「やばい」 is mentally.

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「やばい」 commonly used meaning awesome by young people. やばい has many means.
この前見た映画、すごくやばかった。→great, amazing
(It depends on the situation.)

Older people hate this 「やばい」usage.

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