Daughter: 「だって、じゃあたんざくの意味がないじゃん」
Daughter: But, in that case tanzaku are meaningless aren't they?
Dad: 「いいのっ」
Dad: It's okay
Daughter: 「なにさ、おとうさんはすぐいいのって言うんだから」
Daughter: What! Because you say it's okay?

I understand すぐ to mean soon/immediately etc. I can't understand what it means in this context.

My guess it that it adds the meaning 'just' as in "am I supposed to believe it's okay just because you say so?". But that's a complete guess and the link with 'soon'/'immediately' seems very tenuous.

If further context is needed, these lines follow immediately after this question:

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    なにさ! is more like an interjection, like ふんだ!なによ!なんだよ!もう! etc. Both なにさ and ~だから! here express 不満、不平、or 苛立ち etc. (irritation, complaint, dissatisfaction).
    – chocolate
    Apr 23, 2017 at 7:15

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「すぐ」, in this context, means "readily", "very easily", etc.

If you do or say something habitually without thinking, we say you すぐ do or say something.


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