What is the meaning of this expression? I know 尖った is an adjective that means "pointed, sharp", but I don't understand what a "pointed road" could be. I tried to google it but I only got 8 results, all of them about a song, so it doesn't seem a common expression. Here's the sentence in which I found it:

このガキ… 恐怖を感じる底を見出すコトができなかった。こいつは尖った道でしか歩けねェタイプだ。

Is it a metaphorical way to refer to a path that is hard to walk? Thank you for your help!

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    尖った道って・・ i.ytimg.com/vi/_lGfq0HWzVg/maxresdefault.jpg こんなのを想像します・・
    – Chocolate
    Apr 15 '17 at 11:37
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    ^ つまり・・一歩踏み外したら谷底へ真っ逆さま、みたいな、危険と隣り合わせの危なっかしい道、って感じの。。。(「穏やかな」「平和な」の反対の道なら「険しい道」とかになるような気も・・)
    – Chocolate
    Apr 16 '17 at 6:29
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    – Chocolate
    Apr 16 '17 at 8:04
  • このガキ
  • 恐怖{きょうふ}を感{かん}じる底{そこ}を見{み}出{いだ}すことができなかった。
  • 尖{とが}った道{みち}

It is a metaphorical way to refer to a world or a society that is hard to live.


I think 「道」, a road/way, means a "world" or "society" in this context. 「尖った」 meaning "sharp" describes the world or society metaphorically and figuratively, and I think the adjective "sharp" describes the brutality, heartlessness or irrationality of the world where normal person would feel fear. In this context, the adjective "sharp" is the antonym of the adjective such as "calm" "peaceful." "このガキ" meaning "this boy/youngster" may be a true naughty boy because he has not felt the bottom of the fear of the world yet.

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