Thinking about the events concerning everyone's "favorite" airline United, I started to wonder what the Japanese word for "re-accommodate" was and 'oogle Translate wasn't much help.


Though I couldn't find the exact translation, how about these?

re-accommodation 振替{ふりかえ}/振替{ふりか}え/振{ふ}り替{か}え, re-accommodate 振{ふ}り替{か}える/振替{ふりか}える

This is an example using 振替{ふりかえ}.

(事故{じこ}のとき) 振替輸送{ふりかえゆそう}をする
let passengers use alternative means of transportation without charge

The United Airlines may insist that;


  • IMO this answer is particularly good as you can use this verb to re-accommodate CEOs too :) Apr 13 '17 at 10:45

In the UA context, how about ご乗客様の選択なさった便を変更させていただきました?


According to weblio accommodate can be translated in various ways depending on the context.

I think you are interested in the first definition:


I am not sure if there is a single word that includes the idea of "re"-accommodate, but one possibility in your case would be: 乗客{じょうきゃく}を再{ふたた}び収容{しゅうよう}する。

Ps. I'm trying to stay close to the context in your question and to give an answer as literally close as possible. Honestly though, I am not sure if in real life in that specific situation Japanese people would pick the word "accommodate" at all.

  • yeah, in Japanese they would probably use something totally different...
    – Y12K
    Apr 13 '17 at 6:38

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