I’m currently reading a Japanese text about political philosophy, but I can’t put my head around the term 二系列の交叉点. It comes up in the following sentence and is frequently used afterwards.


All possible translations I came up with didn't quite fit. Can anyone help me out?

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    I think as mackygoo's translation shows, it's seems to mean the the point where two ideas cross, or conversely the point where they separate and go in different directions, in other words, a cross road. – rgolden Apr 8 '17 at 14:37



Now you are standing at the center of the crossing of two ways: A and B. You are forced to select one of the ways of living between A and B. To live for the contribution to others or to live for your selfish way is the question.

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Here is my interpretation. So you have only 1 choice: the green or the red.

enter image description here

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