I'm not sure if should use で or に in this sentence

最近新しい医学の論文をアメリカの雑誌 で/に 読みました。

I would go with に, do you agree?


「最近{さいきん}新{あたら}しい医学{いがく}の論文{ろんぶん}をアメリカの雑誌{ざっし} で/に 読{よ}みました。」

That should be 「で」 for nearly all occasions today.

Using 「に」 there would make it sound unnecessarily "literary" and/or "quaint". Unless you can write the whole composition, essay, etc. in that style, I would not recommend writing only one of the sentences like that.

Do the whole piece in your particular style and your readers will recognize (and appreciate) it as a style. Do it sporadically and they will only think you made mistakes. The difference is huge.

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