I came across the 2 phrases from Nintendo 3DS' instruction manual. They are written adjacently.



If they are different in terms of humbleness, I think the first line should be written in the form of 「ております」as well. I don't think they are different in continuation too.

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    しております is just much more polite. I find it odd that they don't use the same level of politeness throughout the manual... Commented Apr 5, 2017 at 0:00

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Technically speaking, ~しております is the humble form of ~しています, as you pointed out. It would have been better to use the consistent expression.

However, among the various Japanese humble expressions, ~おる is one of the mildest, and in some dialects おる is just another plain verb used instead of いる. Some people even say おられますか, which is technically a strange mixture of humble and honorific expressions, but is considered acceptable by some.

Practically, these 使用しています and 使用しております don't look much different, and very few would care. This difference in expression doesn't mean Nintendo is treating the two companies differently.

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