I've searched the internet, but can't really find anything. My first thoughts were お恋人 and お付き合いの方, but the first doesn't seem very common, and the latter seems to have a different meaning.


You cannot say 「お恋人{こいびと}」; That sounds very weird. 「お付{つ}き合{あ}いの方{かた}」 is okay.

Other natural-sounding expressions would include:








As a hotel reception, the word might be "お連れの方" due to be polite and avoid mistaken.

Formal 丁寧語 it would be お付き合いなさっておいでの方

尊敬語 doesn't apply this case, I think no one knows her. お恋人 is a typical wrong usage as same as おビール

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