As the title says, I am translating tsukihana, but I can't come up with a nice way to translate the above line. If anyone has any ideas, that would be helpful. A Japanese friend said it was like a metaphor, but couldn't provide me with an explanation.

Here are the full song lyrics for context: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-40184.html



唇から 唇へと伝い




Here is what I have so far:

To the stars that flirt with darkness

I sing of love and burn to nothing

Daisies light up their punishments

Nails cuddle up, marking your dreams

My lips follow yours

Where has that warmth gone

Even though it has nowhere to go?

Only you can satisfy my heart

Only I could have allowed you to

So with these legs

I stood up shaking

If you keep me as a pet until I die, I'll be saved

Yet, when the lock opened,

It's like I’m a small crazy bird

That longs for its own cage

The flower that holds lies

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爪の痕 or 爪痕 is a set phrase/word that means scratch scar.

Needless to say, the line is figurative and vague, but it's even grammatically ambiguous to me. Especially I'm not sure what 罰を灯し is doing here.

  1. ( 罰を灯し、ひなぎくの夢に寄り添う→) 爪の痕
    A scratch scar that lights the punishment and cuddles up to the dream of the daisy.

  2. ( ( ( 罰を灯し→) ひなぎくの夢) に寄り添う→) 爪の痕
    A scratch scar that cuddles up to the dream of the daisy that lit the punishment.

(Arrows indicate a relative clause)

Technically, only the first interpretations is possible. The second interpretation is not possible without adding an extra し, which is the attributive form of the archaic past auxiliary き. As long as we can believe this sentence is grammatical, it's the scar, not the daisy, that is "lighting the punishment".

As for the interpretation, this ひなぎく is obviously the metaphor for "I", the person in despair. After this part, there are lines which clearly say "I'm like a small bird." So the basic implication of the lines should be "the scratch scar is illuminating (my?) guilt and is always with my dream" or even more simply, "something ominous is haunting me."

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