I lack in ways to express the idea that something is overhyped, overrated, has an overestimated value.

What I’d like to say is that a restaurant/place/book/movie/idea is advertised or promoted to excess, that even though it’s not that bad, it does not live up to its legend.

The translation should not be too ‘negative’ because when you say that a movie was overhyped it does not necessarily imply that it is a bad movie; it could even be a pretty OK movie depending on the context.

I know 過大評価 (an overestimation) so I thought of 過大評価される, but can it be used in this context? My gut feeling is that this word is meant to be used in such sentences as I overestimated the value of this car or something like this. And this word is a bit long anyway.

In case some exemple sentences are required, here are some:

名古屋城 is a nice castle indeed but it is vastly overhyped as far as I’m concerned.

This is the most overrated book of the XXth century. (Real sentence I just read in a press article.)

No Man’s Sky is not a bad game, but it was so overhyped that people couldn’t help but be disappointed.

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過大評価 is a very common phrase, and you can safely use it in casual conversations despite its length. You can use it with your three examples. You can also use 持ち上げる ("to raise; to hype") and say 持ち上げられすぎている, 過度に持ち上げられている, etc.

In your No Man's Sky example, you are referring to the expectation prior to the release rather than the post-release evaluation. In case you don't feel 評価 is the best word, you can say 期待されすぎた, 過度に期待された, or 期待が高すぎた instead.


For alternative words/phrases of the word of 過大評価 'overrated/hyped'


行き過ぎ/言い過ぎ/やり過ぎ/盛りすぎ/褒めすぎ じゃない? (often with ちょっと)

話を盛る/水増しする/大袈裟に言う/褒めちぎる use with passive/present progressive form

Indirect or cynic,




I think still many other ways.

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