On special occasions such as weddings and on New Year's Day, envelopes that have prewritten Kanji on them and other decorative items are used for giving money.

Is there a generic term for these envelopes, or do they have specific names for specific events?


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The generic term is 金封【きんぷう】, but Japanese people do not use this word commonly. Common words are:

香典【こうでん】袋【ぶくろ】 for black and white ones used on funerals:


(ご)祝儀【しゅうぎ】袋【ぶくろ】 or のし袋【ぶくろ】 for colorful ones used for weddings or other happy occassions:


ポチ袋【ふくろ】 or お年玉袋 used specifically for お年玉:


(Images from photoAC)

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