So I'm trying to translate this song (full lyrics here, at 5: http://karent.jp/album/1709/lyric/5) I'm confused about how 願い is being used in this sentence.


Literally, this seems to be saying that the wish belongs to the far-away sound. But that doesn't make much sense to me. The way the sentence makes the most sense is if it was translated, "I wish for the far away-sound of a swallowing whirlpool." However, I'm uncertain if this is supported by the text. Is this correct?

Mostly, I'm confused about how 願い is just sitting there in front of 願い呑みこんだ - it doesn't seem to be modifying it in anyway. I'm guessing a particle was omitted here, but I'm not sure if the word is being used in some other way. Can someone please explain this placement also?

Thank you!


You seem to be misreading 昔(むかし) , "the past", as 音(おと) , "sound". It's not "faraway sound" but "wishes from the long distant past". 願い is the object of 呑み込んだ、 so the "missing" particle would be を following 願い . The meaning of the whole, I should think, is "the whirlpool which has swallowed [?my] wishes/hopes from long, long ago". 吞み込む is often used to mean "swallow", or "choke back", one's tears.

  • Well, that was stupid of me... my brain just skimmed right over that! And I went over that so many times, trying to figure out what it meant... sigh Anyways, thank you!
    – Smoothie
    Mar 20 '17 at 19:57
  • We all do it, Smoothie. Mar 20 '17 at 21:05

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