According to JMDict 内容, 明細 and 詳細 meaning is details. I see these 熟語 at the same time on banks websites. What are the nuances of their usage?



  • The contents, part of something
  • Physically inside of something
  • Near to [中身]{なかみ}, which means more physical content


  • Detailed document of something like bank accounts
  • Detailed statement

It appears often in topics and documents related to money.


[給与明細]{きゅうよめいさい} = payslip

It can also be an adjective but it's not a common usage.


  • Nearly most common word which means detail, in written language
  • 詳細な and [詳]{くわ}しい are mostly identical

The combination 詳細な内容 is possible like


Please tell me the detailed contents.

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