Situation: Your friend shows a picture of her child playing with a dog and you want to say you have a soft spot for both of them. Is there any equivalent word for "both of them" in Japanese? I think I might say this 私はふたりに目がない but I'm not sure. Any suggestion?

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Most naturally, I would say:

どっちもかわいい。」 ("They're both cute!")

It is fairly unnatural to use 「ふたり」 in the situation in question. I might not say it is impossible, but as a native spekaer, I can promise that it will sound pretty weird even to a big animal lover.


Use 子{こ}達{たち} for group of children, dogs, cats or adorable animals.


"They are cute!"


"I thought/felt they are cute!"

Above are expressions that make use of polite phrases i.e. 子達 and ですね. These expressions could vary when expressed by female speakers or expressed in other dialects.


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