By now, it's pretty simple to find different ways of refusing invitations in Japanese. However, what I can't really seem to find is a reply to a refusal. Something like I'm sorry you can't make it, I hope you can join me next time or even a simple That sucks, man.

So, what would be an appropriate reply to somebody's ちょっと用事があるんですけど (or whatever)? The only thing I could come up with my limited Japanese skills is something like 残念ですね but that seems a bit bland.

I'd be interested in both a casual version and a more formal one.







I could go on all night..





Somebody stop me by force!

  • 「あっちゃー」って関東弁?結構新しい言葉?男の人が使う?(なにからきてるんだろう・・)
    – Chocolate
    Mar 11 '17 at 2:33
  • @Shoko 関東かもしれん。特別新しくないんちゃう?男性語やろな、主に。なにからきてるか、さっぱりわからん。 Mar 11 '17 at 3:11

more casual: そっかぁ。

more formal: ご都合も考えず申し訳ありません。お気になさらないでください。

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