Google translator said "This is not difficult, so I can read it."
It's somehow convincing translation but I don't yet get the meaning of なら and から here in this sentence.

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    If possible don't rely on google translate
    – Dekiru
    Mar 8 '17 at 10:54

なら and から are not related. It seems that some intermediate grammars were used to construct that sentence.

なら is a conditional=if (1 out 4 of them). It is used on a given context. It means "if given that ... Then ..." In which the context is taken from the conversations. A here told B to try reading the book.

これなら means "If given that it's this book then...". The book is already implied so it's not being stated again. AならB => if given that A then B.

から connects two sentences with the preceding sentence is the reason and the sentence after it is the result. To say, it means "because". AからB => Because of A, B happens.

難しくないから、私にも読めそうです means "Because it(the book) is not difficult, it seems that even I can read it"

Combined it means "Given that It's this book and it's not difficult, it seems that even I can read it."

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