My friend and I are talking on Facebook and he said 「日本語かんぺき!今度会おうねアメリカで^_^ 」. Just curious, but would a response like 「うん!そうしよう!」make sense in Japanese?

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    Yes it totally does.I dunno if you really need a meticulous answer, so I just commented here.
    – user19858
    Mar 6, 2017 at 2:31

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Yeah that sounds perfectly fine. Repeating the verb back is also an appropriate response and sometimes sounds more natural.

A: 今度寿司食べに行こうね

B: 行こう!


Yeah. It sounds fine! I have nothing more to say.

Other ways of responding:

  • そうだね、今度会おう! Yeah, let's meet next time!
  • そうする! I will!

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