Besides obvious フェークニュース, is there a natural Japanese expression to express the idea of fake?

On the same topic, how to say fake or shallow person? Is there an equivalent to plastic people in Japanese?

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    "fake" is more often transcribed as フェイク, by the way.
    – Yosh
    Mar 5 '17 at 4:28

There is a single word that means "fake news".


Besides, if you want the adjective only, you can use:


虚構新聞, a counterpart of The Onion in Japan says in the disclaimer:


For other phrases, I don't know much because I'm not familiar with colloquial English, but if I can put credit in Urban Dictionary's definitions (fake people, plastic people, read shallow person too but I didn't get what it is), I'd say:



for false rumor or fake news you can also say "dema" デマ

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