I'm having some trouble with the following sentence:


What's the meaning of the double "一部屋"? I think it's supposed to be each/every room, but I'm not sure. Also, is it read as "ひとへやひとへや"?


一部屋一部屋 is read as ひとへやひとへや, and means "each one of the rooms". Here 部屋 is used as the counter for rooms (一部屋【ひとへや】, 二部屋【ふたへや】, 三部屋【さんへや】/三部屋【みへや】, ...).

Generally, yes, this is a pattern that means "each ~" or "every ~".

  • このプロジェクトではひとりひとりが重要だ。
    In this project, each one of us is important.
  • 彼の一言一言【ひとことひとこと】が気に障る。
    Every word of his annoys me.
  • ひとつひとつ見ていきましょう。
    Let's take a look at them one by one.
  • 一回一回【いっかいいっかい】説明しないと彼女は理解しない。
    She doesn't understand it unless I explain every time.
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  • Note that the reduplicated words are counted as single compounds: ひとへやひとへや{LHHHHHLL}, not ひとへや{LHLL}ひとへや{LHLL}. – broccoli facemask - cloth Mar 3 '17 at 6:25

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