An amanuensis is a person you dictate to and he/she writes down what you dictate. An amanuensis might also copy manuscripts.

What's the Japanese word for amanuensis?

Some translation tools are giving me "アマヌンシス" as a translation. Isn't there some better word?

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    The word amanuensis has referred to many different people of varying statuses over time. There are a number of possible corresponding names in Japanese, which didn't inherit the Latin word. Feb 27, 2017 at 12:16

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「筆記者{ひっきしゃ}」 and 「書記{しょき}」 would be good choices.



I think that the following might be appropriate.

  1. 「筆生{ひっせい}」
  2. 「筆記者{ひっきしゃ}」
  3. 「右筆」 or 「祐筆」(ゆうひつ)
  4. 「写字生{しゃじせい}」
  5. 「代筆者{だいひつしゃ}」
  6. 「書記{しょき}」

Source Used: 新和英大辞典 第5版 ― 並装


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