Would 佑里子は私にを教えてくれました mean "Yuriko taught me"? Am I saying it correctly and using correct grammar? Otherwise, how would it be best to say "Yuriko taught me. She's a good teacher"

Would it make sense if I said "I am Yuriko's student", could I use 私は佑里子のかくせいです?

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    Where did you find the first sentence? Particularly, what is the combination にを? Feb 24 '17 at 17:05
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    how would it be best to say "Yuriko taught me. >> I think we usually say 「(私は)(~~に)[教]{おそ}わりました」(ejje.weblio.jp/sentence/content/…) , [習]{なら}いました or maybe [教]{おし}えてもらいました
    – Chocolate
    Feb 25 '17 at 0:02

I understand what you wrote, but it's not using correct grammar.

  • You should have an honorific (such as "san" or "sensei").
  • ni and wo don't go together
  • The verb oshieru takes an object (to teach something). Out of context, it feels weird.
  • I think ga is better than ha for this sentence

Regarding the second sentence, the word for student is "gakusei", not "kakusei". You still need the honorific.

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