I am reading Yotsuba&! manga Ch.82, Pg.12 (source) enter image description here

What does the last bubble on the lower left side (おまえすがすがしいな) mean? What does すがすがしいな mean in this context?

Dictionary meaning is

refreshing; brisk; bracing; fresh; refreshed (source)

How is the dictionary meaning used in the above context? Is there some other meaning to すがすがしい?

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(却って/むしろ)すがすがしい(ほどの) is often used sarcastically, preceding a bad expression. It means something is so typically bad that it almost feels good.

  • すがすがしい(ほどの)嘘: an obvious lie which almost sounds like a joke
  • すがすがしい(ほどの)変態: a 100% pervert without reservation who is even almost admirable
  • すがすがしい(ほどの)馬鹿: a "perfect" idiot

The guy said お前すがすがしいな because Yotsuba's line was so typically selfish that it even sounded funny instead of irritating.

  • Would your first sentence translate to something like lie of a refreshing degree ? な in [お前すがすがしいな] is something like a masculine form of ね right ? I thought it was ending な saying not to do something which doesn't make much sense now that I think. Thanks :)
    – vadasambar
    Feb 23, 2017 at 11:32
  • Sorry, I don't know if "lie of a refreshing degree" is a common English expression. The な at the end is a sentence-end particle like ね. な that means "Don't" does not directly attach to adjectives (you cannot say "don't shy", can you?)
    – naruto
    Feb 23, 2017 at 12:56

「すがすがしい」, in this context, is used just a little bit sarcastically to refer to the girl's unreserved manner of speech.

My best TL for 「おまえすがすがしいな」 would be:

"You don't beat around the bush, do you?"


I've just found this site and I agree to the first noter.

すがすがしい has at least two meanings - one is what you wrote and the other is "without hesitation when you change their mind in the way that people normally hesitate to do, thinking about people's reaction."

I hope this will help.

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