I wonder what is the difference between the words 文書{ぶんしょ} and 文書化{ぶんしょか}. Both of them have meaning of "documentation" or "documents", but I am not capable to distinguish them. Could you please share your ideas? Thank you a lot in advance!

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文書 is a noun. The meaning is 'a document'.

文書化 is a verb. The meaning is 'documenting'. So it means 'To record in documents'. If a noun attached , it almost mean 'making (something) (a noun)'. In this pattern, 'making (something) a document'.


  • この文書は説得力がなさそうだ。
    • This document looks to make no sense.
  • そうだ、これを文書化しよう。
    • Oh yeah. Let's document this.

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