I can't quite understand the meaning of dakedo here.

予定日は過ぎているから どっちかは分かるんだけどなぁ。
We are passing the scheduled date.

(This is what I can understand from this sentence about a baby born date.) I'm really confused about だけど.


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This is really a case of けど at the end of a sentence. There are several questions about this already:

Your sentence ends in 分かるんだ, where ん = の is nominalizing the verb 分かる and だ is then needed to make it a complete sentence (and けど is following that). The sentence also could have ended in …分かるけどなぁ. For this you can look at

Back to your example sentence, 予定日 is a keyword here and refers to the estimated day of confinement ("due date"). どっちか means "which [of two options]" and in this context the two options are "boy or girl".

予定日は過ぎているから どっちかは分かるんだけどなぁ。
We have passed the due date already. Well, we already know which it's going to be...


It's hard to understand for me but the full statement could be the following.


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