What would be the difference between 発行【はっこう】する and 作成【さくせい】する when talking about documents? I will use both of them in the next sentence, could you please tell me if there is any difference?



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Compare these two definitions:

さくせい【作成】の意味 - goo国語辞書

はっこう【発行】の意味 - goo国語辞書

発行 is more explicit in saying that the document is not just created but also made effective, often in an official or somewhat irrevocable way.

In actual use, 作成 can imply that the document was also made effective, but you can't be sure without additional context.

In terms of 伝票, a simple distinction would be:

  1. 返品伝票を作成する = create a return slip
  2. 返品伝票を発行する = issue a return slip

For example, I can imagine an app where you click the 作成 button to create a new slip, and when you're done filling it out, click the 発行 button to print/send it. (But of course, since 発行 includes the notion of 作成, there could also be an app where a single 発行 button both creates and prints the new slip.)


From jisho.org

発行{はっこう}する- To publish(a newspaper,magazine, general public consumption material) which is expected to be consumed(read) by a large number of people.

作成{さくせい}する- To write/draw up a legal document. Meant for a specific(small) group of people and serving a very specific purpose(defining the scope/boundary/will of event/s or person/s)

Hope this helps.


発行 = to issue, to circulate ( usually in large quantities) 作成 = to create, to compose

小説を作成して 発行をします。 After writing the novel, I will publish it

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