Is there a (Japanese) linguistic term for okurigana omission (cases when 問い合わせ is written as 問合せ, etc.)? If not then what would be a concise way to refer to the phenomena (in Japanese)?


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Being a non-linguist, I have no idea if this term is used in linguistics, but our 文化庁{ぶんかちょう} (Agency for Cultural Affairs) calls it 「許容{きょよう}」 ("tolerance").


To refer to the phenomenon, you could use a phrase like:


That would be understood by all native-speakers, I promise.

  • Even shorter, perhaps just 送{おく}り仮名{がな}の省略{しょうりゃく}. Feb 1, 2017 at 2:17

The word 送る seen in okurigana (送り仮名) is the term to mean "put okurigana".

For example you could say:

「問い合わせ」の「せ」だけ送る (you'll get 問合せ)

「申し込み」の「し」は送らない (you'll get 申込み)

「終わる」は「わる」と送る (you'll get 終わる instead of 終る)

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