What are the Japanese constructions to express the following English formula?

noun + verb + comparative degree + than I thought


Today is colder than I thought.

This works better than I thought.

Is it possible to say?



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    Both of your sentences sound fine to me. – Chocolate Jan 30 '17 at 4:25

You got the good idea, but you just have to be careful to not make logical or verb tense mistakes.

For example,


Should probably be

思ったより上手くいった。-> It went better than expected.
思ったより上手くいっている。-> It is going better than expected.

Right now you are expressing present/future tense, which doesn't fit well with your thought in the past. You could say it like that though.

思っているより上手くいくでしょ。-> It's probably gonna go better than your are thinking.

As for talking about things like the weather, you might want to use words like 予定 instead of 思い. There is a certain nuance between what you think and what is planned.

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    Nothing is wrong with 「思ったよりうまくいく」. – l'électeur Jan 30 '17 at 6:11

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