I don't have much context for it because I found it while looking for examples sentence containing 起伏 on yourei.jp


According to what I found 這濾る may be read as はいる. So I surmise that here 濾る is read as いる but I can't have any idea about what would be 濾るま湯.


From the context, it is likely to be ぬるま湯, which is water of moderate temperature, or tepid water.

This usage of the kanji 「濾」 is not at all common. It may even be a mistake.

It might possibly be on purpose, but at least I can't find any special intention in 「濾るま湯」.

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    That make perfect sense. I also thought of a typo (but 濾 is hardly ever the first choice given by any IME) . – 永劫回帰 Jan 27 '17 at 10:43

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