I'm struggling a bit with the meaning of 要領{ようりょう} in this sentence I encountered:


I know that the literal translation (while there are several) of 要領 would be something along the lines of the outline, or the "knack" of things. When I try to translate this sentence it comes out like this:

Because I'm clumsy at work, I always end up working overtime.

Would this interpretation be somewhat correct? I am particularly unsure what to do about the particle のthat precedes 要領 - in my head, I want to say に instead of の, which probably has something to do with wanting a too literal translation.


要領 here is a noun. Literately, 仕事の要領 means "this job's critical(required) skill". Using に would not be correct here.

This sentence implies that "I" did not get the right or most efficient way of doing this work, so I always work overtime.

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