I am playing a game with a mix of English players and Japanese players. It has a helpful translate feature built in but not everything is in there. For instance being able to tell a player to use an item.

As an example the item is "魔土器:解呪" I want to be able to politely say , "Please use Pomander Of Purity" but in Japanese (items often have different names in different language).

So in the case of my example would I say something like, "つかいます 魔土器:解呪"?


I want to be able to politely say, "Please use Pomander Of Purity"

I think the most natural and common way of saying it would be...


を -- case particle as an object marker
使って -- te-form of verb 使う ("use")
ください -- honorific imperative form of subsidiary verb くれる ("do ~~ for me")

You use 「て-form + ください」("Please do ~~") for politely asking/requesting someone to do something.

  • 「魔土器」の読み方って「まどき」であってるんですかね・・
    – Chocolate
    Jan 23 '17 at 4:51

The basic premise is that your sentence ordering is wrong.

In japanese all sentences/clauses must end with a verb. So you're suppose to say :

name of items + を/は + verb(使います/用います)

But since you are using the command form. You can't use the normal dictionary form or the polite form, because it would mean the future tense.

name of itemsを使います

Means "I/you will use the item".

You would use つかってください(please use) or just つかって(without please) for more direct and less polite commands. So you would say :

name of items + は/を + つかって / つかってください / つかってくれ

It is advisable to use the kanji 使う so identifying the meaning can be done quicker. You can also omit the は/を since it is clear from the context.

You can however split the sentence into 2. If the word "use" pops out in your mind first.

つかって。"name of items".

Use it! The "name of items".

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