I know when I am describing a situation I should use:




But what about in a question? I saw this phrase in a Japanese TV show, when the speaker wants another person to leave the room first:


In this situation, can I say 先に行って貰いますか?

Please explain the difference.


先に行ってくれますか? -- Will you go first?

You can rephrase it as:

先に行ってもらますか? -- lit. Can I have you go first?

(もらえる is the potential form of もらう)

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    Same goes with the honorific form (尊敬語): 「先に行ってくださいますか?」(Would you go first?) 「先に行っていただますか?」(lit. Could I have you go first?) not 「先に行っていただきますか?」You'd use potential いただる. – Chocolate Jan 22 '17 at 2:51

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