Both show as having the same meaning so I am wondering which to use.


The only difference is in the formality.

「おでこ」 is informal, colloquial and conversational.

「額{ひたい}」, by comparison, is slightly more formal than 「おでこ」.   

Both mean "forehead" and in most people's daily lives, 「おでこ」 is probably used more often than 「額」. In my life, at least, I say and hear 「おでこ」 considerably more often.

Which one to use would totally depend on the occasion and the speaker. If you have a specific situation in mind, please let us know.   

Additional Info: You do not have to know this, but 「でこ」 in 「おでこ」 originally means "protrusion" and 「お」 is the honorific 「お」.

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They have a little difference nuances. Wikipedia(Japanese) says :


Anyway, ひたい(額) is formal. おでこ is informal.

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