I'm writing something to an old dorm manager I had - I want to ask if he's still taking in students from a particular school (as dorm residents). In English, I'd ask "Are you still taking in X school's students?" How would I translate the "taking in" part of the sentence in Japanese?


Most commonly, we would use:

「受{う}け入{い}れる」、「引{ひ}き受ける」、「部屋{へや}を貸{か}す」, etc.

You could say:

「まだ(or 現在{げんざい}も)[school name] の学生{がくせい} + + 受け入れておられますか。」

「今{いま}でも、[school name] の学生 + + 部屋を貸されていますか。」

, etc.

I put those in fairly polite forms to be on the safe side. I did not use the super-polite forms, thinking that you would have difficulty saying the other things correctly on the same super-polite level.

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  • Interesting, I didn't think the phrasing would translate that directly from English. Thank you! – Steffan Jan 13 '17 at 12:52

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