From the answer in another question of this board, 東京に行くには何で行きますか translates as "About you going to Tokyo, how are you going?" . Why is the second "ni" needed in this sentence?


The second に is for marking a purpose. The English equivalent is "(in order) to" as in "Click to see it." The more literal translation would be "To go to Tokyo, by what do you go?" This に is frequently used with 行く (go to + (verb)).

Japanese Particle Ni — Indicating Purpose


  • 本場の寿司を食べに日本に行った。 I went to Japan to eat real sushi.
  • 見に来て! Come and see it!
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  • is there a way to write the sentence in a less redudant way in japanese? After all what you want to ask is "how do you go to Tokyo?" but you have to adapt it to "To go to Tokyo, by what do you go?" to write it in japanese? – Pablo Jan 13 '17 at 11:11
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    Yes, 東京にはどうやって行きますか? = "How do you go to Tokyo?" – naruto Jan 13 '17 at 11:30

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