I am writing about the language and I wish to say, that the language can be learnt best, when you can visit it's country, so you could master it by:

"getting through different situations" or "experiencing through different situations"

I came up with 「様々な【さまざまな】状況【じょうきょう】を通して【とおして】経験【けいけん】すること」, but I think there are much more natural ways of expressing this idea. Also, I am not sure, if the word 状況【じょうきょう】as for "situation" fits well here...

Thank you in advance!

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Your attempt is good, but it can be improved a bit more.

As 「[経験]{けいけん}する」 is a transitive verb, it's a little bit strange it doesn't have an object.

You can say 「[経験]{けいけん}を[積]{つ}む」 to mean "gain experience" without mentioning what kind of experience they have. The resulting sentence 「[様々]{さまざま}な[状況]{じょうきょう}を[通]{とお}して[経験]{けいけん}を[積]{つ}むこと」 seems no problem to me.

Another option is to say 「[様々]{さまざま}な[状況]{じょうきょう}を[経験]{けいけん}すること」 which literally means "to experience different situations."

Lastly, your word choice of 「[状況]{じょうきょう}」 is very good. Also, 「[場面]{ばめん}」 is acceptable here.



is the first expression that came to mind.

「様々な状況を通して経験する」 is grammatical and it makes perfect sense, but it is wordy and it sounds as if it were directly translated.


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