This time I wonder how to say in japanese:

"Evaluation of practical experience (=internship) and it's contribution"

I would use something like this:


I could be relatively satisfied (but just partly) with 実習【じっしゅう】 as for "practical experience" and 評価【ひょうか】 as for "evaluation", but I feel uncomfortable by using 貢献【こうけん】 as for "contribution". I haven't used 貢献【こうけん】 before and haven't used yet any other alternative meaning for the word "contribution". Could you please make an advice for me?

Thank you very much in advance!


Contribution can be translated either as 貢献(度) and 寄与【きよ】(度).

  • 貢献: beneficial contribution from people (by money, labor, source code, etc)
  • 寄与: contribution of various inanimate factors (e.g., price, demand, temperature, ...). (can be positive or negative)
  • ~度: value, degree

If you are asking how much the "practical experience" has affected something, 寄与度 is probably the best choice.

I don't know the context, but "practical experience" can be translated differently. Please make sure 実習 is the right translation in the context in question.

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  • Thank you for your help! Otherwise, as I stated in text, under the "practical experience" I mean internship. Hope 実習 is close by it's meaning... – Fara Jan 9 '17 at 21:25
  • @Fara Maybe you mean 研修? – broccoli forest Jan 11 '17 at 1:34

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