For giving advice, what are their different nuances?


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"~ばいい": recommendation. You should do it.


There is no strict dress code. You just should wear a tie.

"~たらいい": recommendation. You should have done it.


Your T-shirt and jeans are too casual. The least you could do is to ware a tie.

"~たほうがいい" : reccomendation. You should do it.

"服装については何も言われてないけど、多分、ネクタイはしてたほうがいいよ。" = "服装については何も言われてないけど、多分、ネクタイはしたほうがいいよ。"

There is no doress code cleary expressed, but probably you should wear a tie.

All are colloquial expression.

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