George Michael just passed away... is there any phrase analogous to "may he rest in peace"? To me at least, that English phrase is emotionally tinged. I mean, I really do feel sad. But of course, I'd never say that phrase regarding the death of a family member because "may he rest in peace" is a little too distant.

So, is there any Japanese phrase that demonstrates genuine respect to someone who just died and who you didn't personally know?

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We usually say...




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    あ、アイコンが安らかに眠っうわなにするやめr Commented Dec 26, 2016 at 8:56

I answer others... They are not used commonly!

  • 安らかに眠らんことを.
  • み[霊]{たま}安かれ. (I have never heard this)
  • 安らかに眠りますように.

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