Let's suppose there is a hypothetical tense conversation where one says:

− Maybe you should try to think a little bit (or, "how about you think a little")

And the other person replies:

− Well, not as much as you need to

How's the following:

− 少し考えてみたらどうですか
− 考えてみるのはお前ほどう必要がない

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Nice try but the last half of 「考えてみるのはお前ほどう必要がない」 makes little sense.

Native speakers might say:

「考{かんが}えてみた方{ほう}がいいのはお前{まえ}だろ!」 or


This would change the meaning a little bit, but a very common reply in this kind of situation is:

「お前に言{い}われたくない(よ)!」 or


I could make these more "street" and slangy if I wanted but since it's Christmas time, I will refrain from doing it.

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    それはこっちのセリフ is another common one I think Commented Dec 23, 2016 at 20:51

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